Clyde Connect event – a look back at an evening full of inspiration and networking all about e-mobility

It was that time again on 6 June: Clyde Connect entered its third round accompanied by inspiring speakers and musical delights. We brought together our customers, the Clyde community, in the modern surroundings of “the square” to enjoy an evening full of exciting insights and talks about the world of e-mobility. The event was once again a complete success.

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Inspiring presentations and exciting discussions

We set off with a boot full of information: Fabian Huber, Luca Melchionna and Alessandro Inderbitzin – three electromobility experts – enhanced the evening with their exciting keynote talks and electrifying insights.

Fabian Huber, Head of Marketing at Clyde, cleared up a few things, such as the negative media coverage of electromobility, showing that most articles are purely sensationalist journalism whose misleading information is best ignored.

We and our parent company AMAG firmly believe that electromobility is the future.

This was also confirmed by Clyde CEO Fabrizio Tollin, who was unable to attend the event in person, but did not miss the opportunity to send a video greeting to the Clyde community.

Keynote von Fabian Huber, Clyde

Electromobility will continue growing in Switzerland in 2024, supported by the growing availability of charging stations, falling vehicle prices and the rising acceptance of electric vehicles as a sustainable alternative to combustion engines.”

Luca Melchionna, Deputy Director of “the square”, addressed the most common myths surrounding electromobility. Our community was able to breathe a sigh of relief, as Luca was naturally able to dispel every single myth with his impressive expertise and sound arguments:

  • Yes, Switzerland has enough electricity for electric cars.
  • Yes, electric cars are more environmentally friendly than those with combustion engines.
  • Yes, the range achieved by electric cars is adequate.
  • Yes, the time it takes to charge electric cars is acceptable.
  • Yes, there is a solution for disposing of EV batteries.
  • Yes, electric cars will gain acceptance.

Interested in the explanations behind Luca’s claims? Simply visit him and his team at “the square” at Zurich Airport. This competence and experience centre for sustainable mobility is open 365 days a year – your hub for electromobility advice and support. If you would like to experience electromobility first hand, you can even arrange an appointment online for a long-term test drive.

Keynote von Luca Melchionna, AMAG

Alessandro Inderbitzin, General Manager (CH and AT) of ELECTRA, who has already spent over half his life working in the electromobility sector, concluded the exciting round of keynote talks. Ticino-born Alessandro gave the community a positive insight into the future of Switzerland’s charging infrastructure. He predicted that ultra-fast charging in urban areas would become the norm, that electric cars would soon need only 15 minutes for charging and that public charging would become even cheaper in the future thanks to the expansion of renewable energies.

Musical accompaniment meets culinary delights

The three electrifying keynote talks were followed by networking with the Clyde community. Our customers enjoyed stimulating conversations and savoured the promised delicious drinks and canapés while chatting about the allure of electromobility. The musical accompaniment was provided by Valeska Steiner, Lea Lu and Daniela Sarda, whose live performances gifted the evening with a perfect soundtrack.

Musikalische Unterhaltung Clyde Connect

A charming presenter and some amazing prizes

The Clyde Connect event evening was hosted by the charming Serap Yavuz, who has not yet taken the leap with a fully electric vehicle, but has already discovered the joys of hybrid drive for herself. The eyes of our Clyde community lit up when Serap announced the evening’s amazing competition. There was much excitement, not least on the part of the lady who won the top prize. After all, she can now look forward to a month of driving pleasure in the Microlino from Micro. Congratulations!

In conclusion – an electrifying evening packed with highlights

With the third Clyde Connect event, we once again proved how important it is for the Clyde community to chat face to face and get input from electromobility experts. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended and made this evening so special.

And the best part? The next round of “Clyde Connect” is already raring to go. This time, Team Clyde has come up with something extra-special – in the shape of the “Clyde Connect Experience” – and is inviting its community to test the brand-new Audi Q6 e-tron SUV on the streets of Davos in autumn. Want to be part of the fun? Stay tuned, as more information will be available soon on our Clyde Connect landing page and on social media.

Not familiar with the Clyde Connect events?

As a thank you for the trust our customers have placed in Clyde, we have launched a new series of events called “Clyde Connect” – an opportunity to network and make things more personal. It’s a platform that enables direct dialogue between Clyde customers, but also with us. From now on, Clyde Connect will take place once a quarter – always in a different location with a varying programme focussing on e-mobility.

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