Waiting time for new cars:
It’s this easy to bridge the wait

The anticipation for your new car is huge. But the enormous supply bottlenecks of the car industry have put a spoke in your wheel? Inhale, exhale... Clyde's car subscription takes away all the hassle - and puts a smile on your face thanks to maximum flexibility. How you can easily bridge your waiting time with a car on subscription, you can read here.

Written by Laura Strukamp on
Waiting for the new car was yesterday, car subscription is today

Troubled times bring troubled conditions – and this applies in the car industry too. Production is being shut down, raw materials can’t be delivered, the chip shortage is worsening. And there are rising fuel prices to contend with too. It’s not easy for car drivers at the moment – especially not for those who have decided to buy a new car and have to endure endless waiting times. People are currently waiting a year or more for a new car. For the popular Skoda Enyaq, for example, the delivery time is an incredible 12 to 15 months (source: carwow.de).

And we don’t yet know what the situation will be like in the future. Drivers will therefore need to be patient – or cleverly bridge the waiting time with a car subscription from Clyde.

The solution for bridging the gap: the flexible car subscription from Clyde

Are you also desperately waiting for your new car? If so, we have the solution to your problems. Benefit from the extremely flexible car subscription from Clyde. But just until your new car is finally parked in front of your door.

What can Clyde's car subscription offer you?

For anyone currently waiting for a new car, the Clyde car subscription is the perfect temporary solution. You have a wide variety of car models to choose from. In the “electric car” category in particular, there’s a whole host of attractive cars waiting for you: whether the VW ID.3, Tesla, Polestar 2 or Mini Cooper SE – simply choose the car that best suits you and your current lifestyle. And even charging is included thanks to our Clyde Energy Benefit.
You can decide for yourself how long you want to drive the car. Choose your desired minimum subscription period of between 3 and 48 months and your monthly mileage package of anywhere between 250 and 4000 kilometres. You’ll then simply pay a fixed monthly rate that covers all costs except refuelling.

One fixed price. Everything included.

The perfect electric family cars

Insurance & additional drivers

You and your loved ones enjoy top coverage on your trip, with the costs already included in your monthly rate.

The perfect electric family cars

Taxes & registration

You receive the number plate of your canton of residence, and we cover the costs of registration and taxes.

The perfect electric family cars

Servicing & tyres

We take care of the servicing and tyres – at no extra cost. And you get the vignette for free to top things off.

The perfect electric family cars

Flat rate for charging electric cars

As an electric car driver, you can charge your electric car for free at all available charging stations in the swisscharge.ch charging network. Only refuelling is extra.

The highlight for you as someone "bridging the gap": 10-day delivery time

Here comes the highlight for all those who are tired of waiting for their new car: Clyde promises you a 10-day delivery time. That’s right: the wait is finally over. If you choose a vehicle that is immediately available from stock, Clyde’s car will be on your doorstep in 10 days. And we’re happy to add in free home delivery on top. Still waiting, or already behind the wheel? Subscribe to your car now and enjoy life on four wheels.

If you subscribe to an electric car from Clyde, charging is included with our charging flat rate. You can now charge your electric car for free at all available charging stations in the swisscharge.ch network in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

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