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What do our Clyde customers have in common? They have decided to take out a car subscription and benefit from maximum freedom. A car subscription that covers all costs, even electricity. And soon, most of them will only be using electric cars, as Clyde will be fully electric from 2024.

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Clyde Connect at the square - new mobility hub by AMAG

As a thank you for the trust our customers have placed in Clyde, we have launched a new series of events called ‘Clyde Connect’ to create an opportunity to network and make things more personal. This is a platform that enables direct dialogue between Clyde customers, but also with us. From now on, Clyde Connect will take place once a quarter – always in a different location with a varying programme that focuses on e-mobility.

What was the first Clyde Connect event like? Here is the event report:

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the positive response to this first event. The highlight was the exciting presentations by our top-notch speakers: Patrick Küng, Noah Heynen and Peter Schmid. What do these three personalities have in common? Their outstanding efforts – whether in sports, solar energy or e-mobility.

Sustainability in elite sport and beads of sweat in electric cars

Patrick Küng, Swiss professional skier and downhill world champion, spoke about sustainability in elite sport and criticised its absence from the World Cup.
He also provided exciting anecdotes from his daily training routine – including the highs and lows – and talked about reaching top speeds with his Audi Q4 e-tron that were even higher than on his skis. For once, it wasn’t the downhill run that made him sweat, but using up the car battery until it had 0%.

Act wisely today, live better tomorrow.

Noah Heynen, CEO of Helion AG, highlighted the topic of the energy transition as an opportunity for Switzerland and how Helion came into being thanks to the help of his grandparents. He also stressed that the expansion of solar energy must progress more quickly so that the gaps that will arise in 2050 (including those associated with shutting down all nuclear power plants) can be filled and so that we can build a comfortable life for future generations.

Noah Heynen, CEO Helion AG at the Clyde Connect Event

About the upturn and myths of electromobility

Peter Schmid, Head of AMAG new mobility hub, gave some interesting input on the future of e-mobility. Electricity scarcity and production, the carbon footprint and the second life of a car battery were the primary topics, ones that also often circulate as current myths surrounding electric mobility.

Just as exciting as the speeches were the conversations with each other, accompanied by tasty canapés. It was also nice to see the demographic mix of the participants – a sign that electromobility is of interest to young and old alike.

Aperitif at the Clyde Connect Event

Special thanks also go to the event team at AMAG, our parent company. We were fortunate enough to use the square as our venue and were actively supported in the event’s preparation.

We are already looking forward to the next Clyde Connect event. Become a Clyde customer and part of our Clyde community so that you can experience our next event. #Spoileralert: it’s going to be adventurous. 🙂 🙂

Just test
an electric car?

Do you find electric mobility exciting but aren’t sure which vehicle is right for you? If so, there’s no time like the present – simply pay Clyde a visit online. Thanks to flexible subscription periods and mileage packages, you can test electric cars completely at your leisure and find out whether electric mobility has a place in your day-to-day life. Easy!

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