The new
e-mobility blog from Clyde

We've been waiting for a long time, but it's finally here: Clyde's new e-mobility blog. Discover the exciting world of innovative drive technology now and feel your enthusiasm for electric mobility start to grow!

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Der neue E-Mobility Blog von Clyde

Why is Clyde blogging about electric mobility now?

It’s simple really: because we want to enthral and inspire you too.

Electric mobility is a really hot topic now and is extensively discussed, both in the comments of our Facebook posts and beyond. Some people celebrate the innovative drive technology, while others don’t quite know what to make of being “powered from the plug socket”. This issue is something that people just can’t seem to agree on.

But Clyde is firmly convinced: E-mobility rocks! And from now on, we’ll be proving this to you too, with our informative and inspiring articles about the world of electric mobility.

Der neue E-Mobility Blog von Clyde
The new e-mobility blog from Clyde - Your car subscription to freedom.

Why is this the right place for you?

Are you worried about charging electric cars? Are you plagued by range anxiety, and convinced that you’ll be stranded with your electric car after 100 kilometres at the most because the charging network isn’t extensive enough? Believe us: doubts like these are unfounded. And that’s exactly what our articles will show you.

Or maybe you’re already a big fan of electric mobility and just can’t get enough? If so, you’ve come to the right place with Clyde’s new e-mobility blog.

On our e-mobility blog, you can immerse yourself even deeper into the world of electromobility, learn new things about the innovative drive technology or just get some inspiration.


Putting electric mobility
to the test

Are you slowly but surely becoming convinced by electric mobility? But you’re still wanting to work out whether an electric car suits you and your lifestyle? You’re right on track with Clyde. You can subscribe to your car with us for a subscription period starting from just one month. The extremely flexible terms make it possible. You can then see if you’re really charged up for electric life. Ingenious!

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