Home charging stations for electric cars – even for rent or condominium ownership

Anyone interested in an electric car will inevitably ask about a home charging station. If only because most electric cars are ultimately charged at home. But what options are actually available to me as a homeowner:in, co-owner:in or tenant:in?

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Charge electric car at home

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How can I charge my vehicle at home as a home-owner?

All you need is a wallbox, also called a wall charging station.

What is a wallbox?
A wallbox is basically nothing more than an intelligent, high-power socket. The wallbox is connected to the power grid and provides a safe and efficient way to charge electric vehicles.

How does a wallbox work?
The wallbox regulates the output voltage and current to the needs of each electric car. Furthermore, the wallbox monitors the charging process so that it runs safely and efficiently. The charging process is monitored and controlled via an app.

Charge your electric car at home. Wallbox and solar system

Wallbox & solar system: the ideal combination

As a solar system owner:in, your electric vehicle can be charged at home at a charging station thanks to your own solar energy. This approach is not only environmentally friendly, it also makes a lot of financial sense: the battery of the electric vehicle effectively increases the total storage capacity of your house! The excess electricity is stored in the battery of the electric vehicle – and not fed into the grid at an unfavorable electricity price. 

Remark: The excess power is only fed into the grid when the battery is fully charged.  

You want to increase the profitability of your solar system and use your solar power profitably at the same time? Then all you need is a wallbox specially designed for charging electric cars with very high charging power. And already you drive away with the sun! Calculate  here  the price of your charging station.

Advantages of a photovoltaic home charging station

  • You increase your own consumption
  • You fill up your electric car cheaper
  • You make yourself less dependent on rising electricity prices
  • You benefit from charging infrastructure support programs in some cantons
  • You charge your electric car 100% emission-free

How can I charge as a co-owner:in or tenant:in at home?

In an apartment building, the installation of a charging station requires the prior consent of the property management or a majority resolution of the owners’ meeting. If several tenants or floor owners are involved in the home charging station, a user identification system (e.g. by means of RFID card) is recommended, which offers corresponding billing options for electricity consumption.

As a tenant:in, clarify in advance with the property management what is to be done with the charging station or the corresponding equipment at the end of the rental period. Helion will gladly support you in your discussions with your property management to find a suitable solution.

In the event that you, as a condominium owner, install a charging station at your own expense, it is advisable to provide for future additional operators of charging stations to share in the initial costs assumed by you.

Clyde and Helion - Same family, same goals.

Helion and Clyde

Together with Helion, Clyde is part of the AMAG Group. Both help to implement the AMAG Group’s sustainability and climate strategy. This includes investments in the expansion of electromobility so that the AMAG Group can meet its commitment to operate in a climate-neutral manner by 2025. Good news for Clyde and Helion’s clientele, who have also decided to contribute to the energy transition.

Just test
an electric car?

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