Clyde Energy Benefit: Your solution for the future of mobility

Charge your electric car for free? That's right, with Clyde, electricity is included. And only with us. Whether at the public or private store, free or with reimbursement, produced by the partner network or the clientele themselves. Either way, it's all in there, much to the delight of your wallet.

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Clyde Energy Benefit

The city or e-bike is not enough for every route? Your household expenses are too high because of your vehicle? Unsure about choosing the best car deal? With Clyde you have your carefree electric car subscription. An all-inclusive package that includes all costs such as electricity, service, insurance and home delivery. These are cost blocks that are not included as standard in a purchase, lease or other subscription offer. But this is only the teaser.

Why Clyde pays your bill - goodbye electricity costs.

Clyde is a central component of the new AMAG Energy & Mobility business unit, which offers an ecosystem for mobility and focuses on sustainable mobility. Clyde is making a statement with its new Clyde Energy Benefit offering. A lucrative offer for (new) electric car customers that covers the entire cost of electricity – not only at public charging stations throughout Europe, but also at home or at work.

After examining various providers with cars on subscription and comparing leasing and purchasing, Clyde’s offer with the Clyde Energy Benefit quickly won us over: mobility is guaranteed at all times and we are not surprised with unforeseen costs, as everything is really included. It was also important to us that we are flexible where we load our vehicle and do not have to search for specific providers. After four weeks with our Clyde e-vehicle, we can’t imagine anything better.
M. Neuenschwander, Clyde Skoda Enyaq Driver

E-mobility can be so simple. And profitable: because, if you produce your own electricity with your solar system, you can even earn money.

With electricity produced in-house, the cash registers are ringing.

With your own solar system, you can be happy twice: By charging your electric car via your PV system, you double the tariff you normally receive for your solar power (basis: median electricity price in Switzerland). We pay you CHF 0.30/kWh for the electricity you charge at home – significantly more than the tariff of local electricity suppliers. Thanks to Clyde, your solar system becomes a profitable investment more quickly – after 8 years instead of 11. Profit twice instead of thinking twice.

Win-win for the environment and piggy bank - we pulled out the e-calculator.

Having a solar system on the roof is no longer a rarity these days. If we compare the price of gasoline with the prime cost of a PV system, the electric car in the Clyde Energy Benefit offer performs significantly better than a comparable combustion car, with a cost advantage of 80-85%.

Comparison of petrol price costs

A question often asked by homeowners in connection with their own PV system is also that of profitability. We’ve done the math for you here, too, comparing the economics of your solar system* with and without the Clyde Energy Benefit offer:

Graphic profitability of solar system
*Example single family house

No solar system on the roof yet, but interested? Our partner Helion will be happy to advise you and provide you with all the answers you need on the subject of home charging stations for electric cars.

What does the Clyde Energy Benefit mean for AMAG?
Martin Everts, Managing Director of the new AMAG Energy & Mobility AG business area: “With this unique Clyde offer, the AMAG Group would like to make it easier for customers to get started with electromobility: With this offer, the AMAG Group is reducing the risk with regard to future electricity price developments. In addition, we are also promoting local energy production with photovoltaics by significantly increasing the profitability of customers’ systems with a high return tariff.”

Just test
an electric car?

Do you find electric mobility exciting but aren’t sure which vehicle is right for you? If so, there’s no time like the present – simply pay Clyde a visit online. Thanks to flexible subscription periods and mileage packages, you can test electric cars completely at your leisure and find out whether electric mobility has a place in your day-to-day life. Easy!

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