Clyde x Solarify: free charging with more and more solar power

The fact that the future of our mobility is electric, and that electric cars can contribute significantly to a better energy footprint, is certainly not news to you. However, electric cars are only truly environmentally friendly if they’re powered by electricity from sustainable sources. For this reason, Clyde is now investing in solar projects by the Swiss start-up Solarify. This enables you, as an electric car subscriber, to charge for free with more and more solar power. But not only that: you will also become part of a large community: a community that supports renewable energies together with us! Are you ready to become an active part of the mobility and energy transition? Are you ready to become an active part of the mobility and energy transition?

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Clyde invests in solar projects from Solarify, enabling free charging with more and more solar power.
Clyde CEO Timo Nührich (rechts) & Solarify CEO Aurel Schmid

Hello 2023! We start the new year with fully charged batteries and don’t miss the chance to deliver some fantastic news right away in January:

Clyde recently invested almost one million Swiss francs in around 1000 solar panels and is now producing solar power for its electric fleet.

Electric cars now already make up a large part of the Clyde fleet. From 2024, we want to only offer electric cars on subscription. But that is not all:

Clyde is powering ahead and increasingly developing into a community around sustainable mobility. Our goal is that in future, electric cars will be powered as far as possible by renewable energies from solar plants. To this end, Clyde is now entering into a partnership with the Swiss start-up Solarify and is indirectly ensuring clean electricity for electric vehicles by investing in solar plants.

Electric cars can make a significant contribution to a better carbon footprint. However, they’re only truly sustainable if they’re powered by electricity from renewable sources.

The future installation partner for solar plants financed by us is Helion, which specialises in energy solutions and is our sister company in the Energy & Mobility department of the AMAG Group. Together with Solarify and Helion, we are creating a synergy to tackle the mobility and energy transition:

  • Clyde delivers the mobility of the future
  • Solarify opens up new photovoltaic areas for investors
  • Helion gets solar panels onto roofs

This way, our customers can invest in photovoltaics even without their own roofs and actively contribute to driving the energy transition forward – locally and renewably.

What does this mean for Clyde subscribers?

By subscribing to an electric car with Clyde, you play an active role in the mobility and energy transition. True to the motto “Be part of the change with Clyde”, you become part of a large community, drive clean electricity production forward together with us and benefit from the energy cycle:


In future, Clyde electric cars will run on renewable energy from photovoltaic systems as far as possible. That’s why Clyde is entering into a partnership with the Swiss start-up Solarify, investing in solar panels and indirectly ensuring that its electric fleet is powered by clean energy.


With the charging flat rate included in the electric car subscription, subscribers can charge for free at a wide range of public charging stations – now with solar energy produced by Clyde and fed into the local electricity network to improve the Swiss energy mix.


Clyde actively contributes to a more sustainable world through the production of solar power, and allows customers to actively participate by subscribing to a Clyde electric car.

So, what are you waiting for? “Be part of the change with Clyde.”

You choose the right e-car and determine the desired minimum term between three and 48 months as well as the monthly mileage between 250 and 4,000 kilometers. Then you pay a fixed monthly rate that covers all costs, even charging with more and more solar power. Clyde is the only provider where the car is delivered free of charge to any location throughout Switzerland. The entire purchasing process works completely digitally.

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