Comparison of electric car subscriptions: how much you pay for your electric vehicle

The following article is based on a recently published feature by KGeld Magazine (20 October 2023), which has a reach of about 200,000 people in Switzerland, comparing the prices and conditions of e-car rental companies. The brands put under the microscope include Clyde, Carify, Carvolution, Upto and more.

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Dacia Spring at GOFAST charging station

Making more of a noise about electric cars, making less noise on the road

The proportion of electric cars is increasing every year. Today, one in five new cars bought is electric. Nevertheless, there are certain reservations about e-mobility, which we discuss in the blog The truth about electric cars: 10 stubborn myths put to the test. Are you one of the sceptics? Then read on!

Get a taste of e-mobility with a subscription

With an electric car subscription, you can get your own idea of what electric vehicles are like and get rid of all your uncertainties in no time. But which one should you pick?

KGeld collected the prices from eight rental companies with e-car subscriptions for rental periods of three, six and 12 months respectively. The VW ID.4 and Tesla Model 3 electric car models were compared – the power unit and equipment were not taken into account, as these factors vary. The rental company’s cheapest electric cars were also compared with each other.

‘The comparison is based on mileage of 15,000 kilometres per year, which corresponds to 1,250 kilometres per month – the average in Switzerland.’

Once you have found your dream e-car, you can easily return it at the end of your rental period and subscribe to a new model. That way, you’ll never be stuck with a car that’s outdated, and you’ll automatically keep up with the latest technological innovations in e-mobility.

Clyde has the largest selection

‘The VW ID.4 and the Tesla Model 3 are standard electric cars. However, they are not available from all subscription companies. In the case of Upto, for example, none of these models were available at the time of the comparison. The largest selection is offered by Clyde, a subsidiary of car dealer AMAG, which specialises in electric car subscriptions.’

At Clyde, there’s practically always a new car, unless you choose the Clyde Deal. These are newer used cars with a few miles on the speedometer that are always recently serviced and available for a greatly discounted price.

‘At Carvolution, there are no e-cars available for a rental period of three months
and a limited selection of models for six months. But you almost always get a new car from Carvolution. At Upto, all cars are subject to a minimum rental period of one year.’

Dacia Spring at GOFAST charging station
Dacia Spring at GOFAST charging station

Cheapest electric car

At Clyde, the cheapest electric car available for subscription, the Dacia Spring, costs CHF 799 – with a rental period of three months and a range of 314 km.
At Carify, the Renault Zoe Iconic is available for CHF 712, but its range of 250 km is less than that of the Dacia Spring. What’s more, the range of cheapest cars available at Carify changes almost every day. This is because Carify is an intermediary platform for garages that want to rent out their cars and thus also determine the rental prices.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that Clyde offers a subscription with electricity, unlike other providers. Charging is included at public charging stations on the network in Switzerland and Europe, and there is a rebate of 30 cents per kilowatt-hour for private charging. In the case of the ID.4 with a monthly package of 1,500 kilometres, this adds up to almost CHF 200.

Watch out for the fine print

Many providers like to hide their extra costs in the footer where no one can see them.
Many providers like to hide their extra costs in the footer where no one can see them. ‘In addition to the rental price, Auto Kunz charges an initial lump sum of CHF 149 and Carvolution charges CHF 390. At Carify, it costs CHF 50 to change the mileage package. In the case of integrated insurance packages, the excess per comprehensive insurance claim ranges from CHF 1,000 (Carvolution, FlatDrive, Upto) to CHF 2,500 (Sixt). The excess can be reduced for an extra fee.’

Here’s the whole KGeld article.

Just test
an electric car?

Do you find electric mobility exciting but aren’t sure which vehicle is right for you? If so, there’s no time like the present – simply pay Clyde a visit online. Thanks to flexible subscription periods and mileage packages, you can test electric cars completely at your leisure and find out whether electric mobility has a place in your day-to-day life. Easy!

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