Electric car charging stations
in Switzerland – are there really enough?

Anyone who travels in an electric vehicle relies on one thing above all else: a good charging network. Many drivers still have doubts about how well-developed the charging infrastructure is. Doubts like these are now unfounded. Why you can relax as an e-car driver when it comes to electric car charging stations in Switzerland, you can read here.

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Electric car charging stations in Switzerland | Clyde

How many public charging points are there in Switzerland?

In order to reassure you right from the start, I’d like to throw out a number: 11,585 In words: eleven thousand five hundred and eighty-five. That not only looks like a lot, it is a lot. With 11,585 charging points in Switzerland (as of June 2022, source: www.swiss-emobility.ch), owners of electric cars are doing quite well. So the Swiss charging network is actually better than its reputation may lead you to believe. And thanks to ranges of up to almost 800 km for modern electric cars there is less and less need to drive to a charging station.

Do I have to choose a provider for public charging?

In a nutshell, no. At many public charging stations, you can pay for your charging costs directly by card payment. So you don’t necessarily have to take out a subscription with a particular charging card provider.

Wall box: the alternative charging solution for the home

If you don’t want to depend on public charging stations and want to fully benefit from the advantages of electric mobility, you should think about purchasing your own wall box. Wall boxes are connected to the in-house power grid and are installed directly at your parking space. The benefit compared to the household socket: it is much safer and way more efficient. As the features and costs associated with home charging solutions depend greatly on the product and conditions at that specific location, we always recommend seeking expert advice. Many electricians will be able to answer your installation questions. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our partner swisscharge.ch.

Can I charge my electric car anywhere for free?

If you subscribe to a fully electric car from Clyde, you can charge your electric car at any time free of charge via our swisscharge.ch charging flat rate in Switzerland and throughout Europe. If you use your Clyde x swisscharge charging card or your account in the swisscharge.ch app when charging your car, the costs are already covered by your subscription. How about bills? We’ll take care of them. You don’t have to worry about the price.

Those who do not drive an electric vehicle from Clyde and therefore do not benefit from the charging flat rate can charge their electric car at one of the few free charging points in Switzerland. With a bit of luck, these are available for hotel guests or even in shopping centres.

The 3 best tips for charging your electric car

The perfect electric family cars

1. Use apps to route you to a charging station

There are now very good apps on the market that make it easier for you to find a charging station near you. We recommend the following providers:

2. Fast charging

In a hurry again and wanting to charge your electric car in the shortest possible time? If so, you should head for a fast-charging station. The huge charging power of up to 300 kW will surprise you, and that’s a promise! Ideally, your car will be charged enough to drive another 100 km in just five minutes.

As always, we’ve saved the best ’til last:

3. Free charging

The main highlight from Clyde: Electric mobility is easy thanks to our charging flat rate. You can charge your Clyde fully electric car (BEV) for free at all charging stations in the swisscharge.ch network in Switzerland and throughout Europe – because your charging costs are included in your monthly subscription. Nice!

The Clyde conclusion

The expansion of the charging infrastructure is doing well in Switzerland. Today, there are already almost twice as many charging points per 10 BEVs here than recommended by the EU (Source: TCS). Nevertheless, as new registrations of electric cars are steadily increasing, the charging network is in need of continued significant expansion.

The range of electric cars is better than you might expect.
The MINI Cooper SE shines with its unmistakable driving feel.

Benjamin – MINI Cooper SE Driver & Product Owner at Clyde says:

“For me, the topic of “charging electric cars” is primarily a question of attitude. Instead of going to the petrol station to fill up, you charge at home or while out shopping, for example. The charging network in Switzerland is really very well developed – after all, there are around 11,000 public charging points. And yet I believe we need many more charging stations to dispel reservations about electric mobility. I can also say from personal experience that you can manage without charging at home, but it can be a bit inconvenient in the long run.”

Putting electric mobility to the test

Are you slowly but surely becoming convinced by e-mobility? And yet you want to test first whether an electric car suits you and your lifestyle? Then Clyde is the right place for you. You can subscribe to your car with us for as little as one month. Maximum flexible terms make it possible. After that, you can see whether you like electricity. Ingenious!

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