Looking for a small electric car?
These are our current favourites

You want to be fully mobile, but don't need much space in the vehicle? A small electric car is therefore perfectly sufficient for you and your lifestyle? Then you should lose no time now and definitely read on. Clyde presents you with our top 3 small electric cars that will make your heart beat faster.

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Small electric car: the top 3

Small but perfectly formed. Cars don’t have to be huge to be fun and to serve their purpose. And of course, this also applies to the electric drive. The main thing is that the electric car fits you and your lifestyle.

For example, if you are often on the road in the city, a small electric car is a match made in heaven. Finding a parking space is much easier and the range of small electric cars is now more than sufficient for relaxed driving without range anxiety and with a smile on your face.

Small electric cars: here are the best small electric cars

We at Clyde are also huge fans of small electric cars. Those who know us will know that we like to take a car or two from the fleet and discover the most beautiful corners of Switzerland, putting the electric drive to the test so you don’t have to.

Which three small electric cars impressed us the most?

Cupra Born

The Cupra Born

Range: 548 km (WLTP)
Power: 204 hp (150kW)

What impressed us:

  • The design: it’s a bit sportier and livelier than the VW ID.3. The copper-coloured details stand out in particular.
  • The technology: a minimalist, clear front display with all the important info you need.
  • The driving experience: excellent handling on the road. We love it!
  • The comfort: our first thought when we sat down? Incredibly comfortable!
  • The spaciousness: enough space and legroom, even when the car is full.
Learn more about the Cupra Born!


The VW ID.3

Range: 425 km (WLTP)
Power: 204 hp (150kW)

What impressed us:

  • The design: aerodynamic, modern and classic, reminiscent of the VW Golf.
  • The noise level: how quiet can an electric vehicle actually be? Unbelievable!
  • The technology: modern head-up display with all the info you need.
  • The spaciousness: enough space and legroom, even when the car is full.
  • The comfort: comfortable, high seating position.
Learn more about the VW ID.3!

The CUPRA Born is the Seat counterpart of the VW ID.3 and is based on the technology of this model.

MINI Cooper SE

The MINI Cooper SE

Range: 230 km (WLTP)
Power: 184 hp (135kW)

What impressed us:

  • The design: simply an icon! Incredibly stylish and modern. Stands out with aesthetic highlights in the form of yellow trim.
  • The driving experience: a real go-kart feeling, brakes all by itself thanks to the thrust reverser, allowing for single-pedal driving.
  • The technology: digital infotainment system
  • The charging: fast charging due to small battery
Learn more about the MINI Cooper SE!

Our conclusion

As you can see, all three small electric cars have their advantages. Due to its comparatively low range, we only recommend the MINI Cooper SE if you are exclusively looking for a city car or a second car. Nevertheless, we just had to include the MINI Cooper SE in our top 3 – because the design and driving experience are simply incomparable! If you’re wavering between the VW ID.3 and the Cupra Born, we’ll just say: the winner has to be whichever electric car you prefer the look of, because after all, the Cupra Born is the Seat counterpart to the VW ID.3 and is based on the technology of this model.

The advantage of subscribing to an electric car from Clyde: you can try them all out, because you can easily switch to another model after your minimum term has expired. Maybe the Tesla Model 3 or VW e-Up would be the perfect small electric car for you? Free rein, with absolute freedom and flexibility!

Fancy putting an electric car to the test?

You find e-mobility exciting, but don’t know which vehicle is right for you? Then you should waste no time and pay Clyde a visit online. Thanks to flexible terms and mileage packages, you can test electric cars in complete relaxation and find out whether e-mobility has a place in your everyday life.

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