Winter tyres for electric cars:
are they really necessary?

Believe it or not: yes, it’s time to change tyres again. We are as amazed as you are that summer has made itself scarce so quickly. So now it’s not only “Bye-bye staycation!”, but also “Bye-bye summer tyres!”. Countless motorists make the pilgrimage to garages to prepare themselves and their cars for the upcoming ski and winter season. But what about electric cars – do you have to choose specific winter tyres? And can specific tyres positively influence range?

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An electric car, the Skoda Enyaq, drives through a winter landscape with winter tires.
Spezielle Winterreifen für Elektroautos sind nicht unbedingt ein Muss – können aber sinnvoll sein.

Do I need specific winter tyres for my electric car?

To answer the question right at the beginning of the post: in principle, electric cars do not need specific tyres. You can have no hesitation in equipping your electric car with conventional wheels.

However, there are special winter tyres optimised for electric cars, which should positively influence the range of an electric vehicleaccording to manufacturers.

How can winter tyres positively influence the range of an electric car?

Low rolling resistance

The range of an electric car is positively influenced in winter by using optimised tyres to reduce power consumption while driving. The solution: lower rolling resistance.

Correct tyre pressure

If you are driving your electric car on a paved surface (i.e. in normal road traffic), the following applies:

the higher the air pressure, the lower the deformation and thus rolling resistance.

If you were to take your electric car off-road (gravel roads, forest floors or fields), then exactly the opposite would be the case: the lower the air pressure, the lower the rolling resistance.

Tall and narrow tyres

When you consider that electric cars are 200 to 300 kilograms heavier than cars with a combustion engine because of the battery, large tyres also have their advantages. Why?

The larger and narrower the tyre, the lower the rolling resistance mentioned above.

Due to the higher weight of electric cars, large tyres are less stressed during braking.

Electric cars have high torque, and recuperation takes effect very abruptly on some models – not necessarily the most tender caress for the tyres. Size can also have a positive influence in this context.

Now you may be thinking: “Narrow tyres in winter? What about grip?” A legitimate thought… From a technical point of view, there is indeed a trade-off between low rolling resistance and optimal traction – no easy task for the tyre industry!

Traction: the ability of the tyre to maintain contact with the ground without slipping.

Special rubber compounds: the solution for EV winter tyres?

Is it hard to choose the right winter tyres for your own electric car? We understand this well, as do well-known tyre manufacturers such as Continental or Michelin. This is precisely why they are trying to develop the optimum solution for electric car drivers via special rubber compounds, in order to find a good compromise. The aim: lower rolling resistance is said to combine with lower abrasion, very good grip and short braking distances in poor road conditions. Bingo!

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Which winter tyres are the right ones for my electric car?

Not sure if the right winter tyres for your electric car are already available? An official car dealer will be happy to advise you on the right winter tyres for your electric vehicle. One thing is certain:

safety has absolute priority when driving and takes precedence over positively influencing the range.

An electric car in a car subscription - perfect for the upcoming winter season.

Don’t feel like dealing with the issue of winter tyres?

Then we are very happy to take over at this point! If you subscribe to an electric car with Clyde, you’re travelling smart. When we say that everything is included in our electric car subscription, we mean it. And what would a nippy electric car be without the right tyres?

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Driving an electric
car on subscription

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