Clyde Connect went for a spin on the ice – at the Audi Ice Experience

The second event in our Clyde Connect series was well and truly in the adventure category. This time we met for an electric car test drive on icy ground and over a cordoned-off pass.

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Audi RS e-tron GT Drift an der Ice Experience in Davos

Most of the participants were already familiar with electric vehicles, so the technical introduction was more of a quick refresher before the real adventure began. The available fleet consisted of three Audi Q4 e-trons, three Audi Q8 e-trons and six Audi RS e-tron GTs – an impressive and luxurious line-up.

There were two groups of two people per vehicle. While one group began the journey over the snow-covered Flüela Pass, the other group in the Audi RS e-tron GTs made their way to the ice surface.

Drifting – easy when you know how

First, the instructor showed the participants how to handle the course with ease. It was a slalom course with a long left bend at the end – ideal for drifting. A piece of cake? For the instructor, yes, but the participants soon realised that drifting required more skill than expected.

The first mistake was obvious: not enough power. But thanks to the patience and guidance of the Audi team, everyone was able to master the exercises confidently.

The second exercise was more challenging: the aim was to drift through a complete circle twice in a row. The unevenness of the ice surface didn’t make the exercise any easier at all.

Instruktion an Audi Ice Experience in Davos

Lunch time – a chance to recharge and swap thoughts

After an action-packed morning, we met at the Tschuggen restaurant for lunch, where we enjoyed a fine meal in the company of the instructors with a lively discussion about our drift experiences. Judging by the happy faces and high adrenaline levels, the first half of the day was a great success. 🙂

Teilnehmer an der Audi Ice Experience in Davos

Up and down the pass – stop on command

The pass provided an opportunity to experience how the vehicles handle on snow – and take them to the limit. One exercise involved accelerating to 80 km/h and then doing an emergency stop, both uphill and downhill. It was amazing to see how well the cars performed on the snow and how much fun the uphill section was.

The weather couldn’t have been better, and we thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic scenery while driving alone across the pass. The day ended with a delicious dessert, and every participant received a certificate for completing the driving training course.

Passfahrt an der Audi Ice Experience in Davos

To sum up – safety is key when driving at full throttle

The Audi Ice Experience not only offered a unique adventure, but also an opportunity to get to know the full potential of Audi’s electric vehicles. From the relaxed drive over the pass to the nerve-racking drift course, each experience was a reminder of the impressive performance and safety standard of these vehicles.

Many thanks to the Audi team for the excellent organisation of these two memorable days on snow and ice.

Not familiar with the Clyde Connect events?

As a thank you for the trust our customers have placed in Clyde, we have launched a new series of events called “Clyde Connect” – an opportunity to network and make things more personal. It’s a platform that enables direct dialogue between Clyde customers, but also with us. From now on, Clyde Connect will take place once a quarter – always in a different location with a varying programme focussing on e-mobility.

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