Range of electric cars:
how far you can get with an electric car

One of the most common prejudices is that you can't drive far in an electric car. Sorry, but doubts like these now make us yawn and are completely outdated. If you want to finally put all your worries aside today and learn more about the range and battery performance of e-cars, grab a cool drink and read on now.

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What is the range of electric cars?
Electric cars in comparison: which electric car has the longest range?
How is the range calculated?
What does the range of the electric car depend on?
The Clyde conclusion on the range of electric cars: electric cars are in the fast lane

Less noise, less service work, and the knowledge that you’re helping protect the environment. Electric cars boast a number of advantages and are seen as the mobility solution of the future. According to Statista, 20,000 electric cars were newly registered in Switzerland for the first time in 2020 – and the trend is rising. However, if we compare the figure with the total of 4.66 million registered passenger cars in Switzerland, the proportion remains very low.

One of the reasons why many Swiss people still find it difficult to switch to an electric car is that the range is allegedly too short compared to petrol or diesel vehicles. But this concern is so 2018 – trust me!

What is the range of electric cars?

If you think you’ll only be able to make it to the nearest supermarket and back with your electric car, you’re in for a surprise: The range of cars with electric drives currently lies between around 120 and almost 800 kilometres, depending on the model. So even your next road trip can be easily managed with an electric car.

Electric cars in comparison:
which electric car has the longest range?

Anyone who still has doubts about the range of electric cars is unfounded.

The SUV models of electric cars are becoming particularly popular in terms of range, as they have enough space for large batteries. The absolute front-runner remains the electric S-Class: the EQS from Mercedes. The popular model from Mercedes-Benz boasts a long range of up to 766 kilometres.

The top 10 electric cars with the best range:

  • Mercedes EQS up to 766 km
  • Tesla Model S Long Range up to 652 km
  • Mercedes EQE up to 639 km
  • BMW iX up to 630 km
  • Tesla Model 3 up to 614 km
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E up to 610 km
  • BMW i4 up to 585 km
  • Tesla Model X up to 560 km
  • VW ID.3 up to 549 km
  • Cupra Born up to 548 km

How is the range calculated?

You don’t have to be a maths genius to calculate the range of a particular model. There is a simple formula:

Range = battery capacity / energy consumption (per 100 km)

Of course, this is only a calculation. How high the range is in reality depends on various factors. Also, in order to protect the battery, it’s usually the case that not all the capacity is actually available.

The first electric car from 1881 had a range of just 26 kilometres.

What does the range of the electric car depend on?

There are various factors that interact to affect the range of electric cars:

  • Driving style
  • Weather conditions, for example a wet road surface
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Topography
  • Tyres
  • Aerodynamic drag
  • Energy consumption or energy efficiency
  • Speed
  • Battery capacity

Why is the range of electric cars shorter in winter?

The batteries of electric cars perform best at temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they need to be heated in winter and cooled in summer. If the vehicle is left outside overnight in cold temperatures in winter, the battery will need to warm up again after starting the car. This requires energy from the battery, and the range will therefore be reduced.

Our tip: If you tell the car when you want to leave using the departure time, the vehicle will heat up the battery for this departure time, ideally using the electricity from your wall box to do so.

Does the range of electric cars vary in summer?

Very high temperatures can also drain the battery. As explained above, the battery must be cooled by electrical energy if the temperature is too high, which affects the range. Using the air-conditioning system can also have a negative effect.

But you can stay chilled: even though the range of electric cars can decrease at particularly low or high temperatures, the now very good charging infrastructure in Switzerland provides a remedy.

Electric car in a practical test:
On tour with the Audi Q4 e-tron

Timo Nührich, CEO of Clyde, is a big fan of electric cars. In his private life, he drives the Audi Q4 e-tron and says with a smile on his face:

“Electric mobility has won me over so much that I never want to switch back!”

He recently drove the e-tron from Zurich to his home in Hanover (around 700 km) and was thrilled – both by the battery capacity of the vehicle and by the charging infrastructure.

“In my experience, many of the concerns and misconceptions about electric cars are totally unfounded. Aside from all the environmental benefits, electric cars are also incredibly fun to drive!”

Timo Nührich | CEO of Clyde Mobility

The Clyde conclusion on the range of electric cars:
electric cars are in the fast lane

Anyone who has doubts about the range of electric cars will be pleasantly surprised. The electric drive has now become a real alternative to combustion engines, as range and comfort are constantly developing and improving. It’s already the case that when you fully charge your battery, you can cruise through Switzerland stress-free thanks to the advanced technology and the extensive charging network. This means that electric cars not only do well in day-to-day life, but they’re also a real pleasure to drive.

Our tip: whether it’s the Tesla Model Y, the Mercedes EQE or the Skoda Enyaq iV – it’s important that you compare the different vehicles and choose the electric car that best suits you and your lifestyle.

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